Vision: To be the preferred vendor of choice to our customers in fashion industry and to be the workplace of excellence to all our team members.


Our Operations

Inno Knits is a US based company, As a group, the organization has been in the Apparel & Textile business since 1990, first working as a manufacture and is now diversified into trading.
Our corporate office is located in the state of New Jersey. Our strategic partners are located across the globe.
We produce our products worldwide, and we either own or operate production or our sourcing team ensures that products produced through our vendors are as per agreed specifications of the customer.

Core Values:

HONESTY : All parties must see the correct picture at all times, all staff should be honest in their conduct.
FAIR PLAY : To ensure that the buyer as well as the supplier is in a "win-win" situation. To Help the supplier and buyer when needed and not only limit ourselves to our duties.
TRUST : We are the "eyes and ears" of our buyers, we should constantly develop trust, so that we gain the confidence of our clients and they can be rest assured of our services offered.